A chalk talk is a monologue presentation done while the speaker draws. It is usually done with chalk, hard crayon, or pastel, or with dry-erase markers on a whiteboard. The chalk talk method of teaching focuses on the blackboard and the lecturer’s voice and also the activities – to be precise, the physical activities. This method can be preferred for presenting lectures and talks. This method has some characteristics which the presenter does not want the viewers to lose. The dominant is “eyes” and the magical communication that exist whenever the presenter has a nice lecture.
This method needs an excellent teacher who is sensitive to the classroom atmosphere to carry out chalk talk with some good effect. The teacher’s voice should be audible and attractive enough, otherwise students will get bored and tired and will not follow the lesson. The students should get enough attention to engage them and also to inspire them. “Education needs to be more practical, should allow children to express themselves and learn independently at their own pace.”

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