An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a sizable interactive screen in the proper execution factor of an whiteboard. It could either be considered a standalone touchscreen computer used separately to perform jobs and functions, or a connectable equipment used as a touchpad to regulate pcs from a projector. They are being used in a number of adjustments, including classrooms by any means degrees of education, in corporate and business plank rooms and work teams, in training rooms for professional activities training, in broadcasting studios, yet others.
The first interactive whiteboards were designed and created for use at work. They were produced by PARC around 1990. This panel was found in small conferences and round-tables. In 1991 Smart Solutions produced an interactive whiteboard which used projection technology.
The interactive whiteboard industry was likely to reach sales of US$1 billion worldwide by 2008; one of each seven classrooms on the planet was likely to feature an interactive whiteboard by 2011 relating to advertise research by Futuresource Consulting. In 2004, 26% of English primary classrooms possessed interactive whiteboards. The Becta Harnessing Technology Institutions Survey 2007 suggested that 98% of extra and 100% of key schools got IWBs. By 2008 the common amounts of interactive whiteboards increased in both major schools (18 weighed against just over six in 2005, and eight in the 2007 review) and extra schools (38, weighed against 18 in 2005 and 22 in 2007).

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